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You can certainly be out in clothing and be accepted, but dress well.

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, the advice above concerning dress and behavior applies just as well. A scornful person doesn't attract many people and instead may attract negative attention.

You have to be considerate and appropriate as any good person ought to be. Smiles, friendliness and honesty on the other hand, create great attraction and deep trust. Aside from serious moral and health considerations, you won't win in the long term; once word gets around, you'll find your "game" will come back to destroy you.

DO NOT try to hide it and risk the health and hurt the hearts and souls of everyone by being "Down Low". You might be surprised at how accepting and how deep a trust you create by being honest.

I know a couple where one of them is bisexual in orientation but they are committed to one another.

That includes T-shirts / Apparel depicting obvious references / displays to which sex(es) your interested in, books of the same nature - especially those about finding a partner of the sex you're interested in.