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When in London, Rupert Everett eats the same lunch at the same Italian restaurant every day; a plate of whole-wheat pasta with tomato sauce, broccoli, garlic and mint, plus a mixed salad with green beans on the side.

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So I don't think I have been a great lover, really, no. " he laughs, and then suddenly stops laughing."One of the qualities that gay people can have is that out of defence, you start laughing the longest and the loudest at everything," he says, his big, giraffe eyes now looking solemn."In the end, it is fatal because once you start laughing at everything, you destroy the mechanism for taking anything seriously. For the thought of Rupert Everett not taking himself seriously is very funny indeed.

The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.

This is partly because, he says, he's not very good in bed."Actors make bad lovers. Oh, I am a pathetic lover, I never had the right cards in my hand. I never took myself seriously enough.'But you said earlier that Buddhism and meditation were helping you, making you a softer person, getting you to a point of proper emotional balance.

Being Catholic, coming from a military background, then having that dawning, nagging feeling that I was not going to be on the right side of the fence."It had a knock-on effect on so many things and I felt so guilty for ages about sex, then with Aids happening it was almost like my worst fears were true. "Yes, that's true, but now I am old, nobody wants me anyway!

Or be talked about, anyway."I tried to paint a picture of her as I saw her; a fabulous, fragile rock.