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Bełżec was a Reinhard camp meant to circumvent the problems of supply, and instead, rely on a system of extermination based on ordinary and universally available killing agents.For economic and practical reasons, Wirth had almost the same carbon monoxide gas used in T-4, generated with the torque of a large engine.Christian Wirth had been a killing expert from the beginning as participant of the first T-4 gassing of handicapped people at the Brandenburg Euthanasia Centre.

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The process was conducted as quickly as possible amid constant screaming of the Germans.

The wooden gas chambers, built with double walls insulated by earth packed down in between, were disguised as the shower barracks, so that the victims would not realize the true purpose of the facility.

Dismantled barracks can still be seen surrounded by walking sand.

The railway unloading platform, with two parallel ramps, marked with red arrow.

The ditch, excavated originally for military purposes was likely to serve as the first mass grave.