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The book will include the original Shlokas (stanzas) with translation, detailed computer maps of each event, and its Panchang (Indian astronomical ephemeris) positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, and comets. The Kaliyuga start date of 2-18-3102 BCE did also have a solar eclipse and a back to back lunar eclipse in two weeks similar to the Mahabharata War.This current article is a summary of the salient features in the book. There were earthquakes with meteor showers on both dates, and on the lunar eclipse day, a giant tsunami drowned the Dwarka city, which Krishna had advised to vacate.

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An inscription in the Jain Temple at Aihole prepared by one Chalukya King Pulakesin says that the temple was constructed in 3735 years, after the Mahabharata War and 556 years of Shaka (Saka) era in Kali era, that is in 634 AD. 33.) (Now) when thirty (and) three thousand and five years besides, joined with seven hundred years, have passed since the Bharata war;(V.

34.) And when fifty (and) six and five hundred years of the Saka kings also have gone by in the Kali age;(V.

This is based on the position of certain stars and the position of the sun in the zodiac. This is based on astronomical references in Mahabharat and Puranas. As per Prof R N Iyengar of IISc Bangalore in a session 'Date of Kurukshetra War based on astronomical data' in 2003 in Bangalore, the date of Mahabharata War is 1478 BC.

This is based on all possible double eclipses between 3000 BC to 500 BC. As per Dr S Balakrishna of NASA, the date of Mahabharata War could be one of 3129 BC, 2559 BC, 2056 BC, 1853 BC, 1708 BC and 1397 BC.

This is based on a number of astronomical references one of which is the 7 planets lining up together and solar eclipse.