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"c" is also used in many equations related to electromagnetic phenomenon such as Maxwell's equations; and it is the fact that these equations mention c without asking what the speed is relative to as should happen in a relativistic universe that lead to the notion that c is constant for all observers.

It is also a key component in Einstein's famous E = mc equation; in this case, if c was larger in the past, then matter would have had more unit of energy per unit of mass in the past.

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So believe us, anyone who postulates that "c may decay" needs to understand that it has very serious and very far-reaching consequences.

One of the most far-reaching being that the speed of light changing with time implies that energy is not conserved.

However the vast majority of the material on their homepage seems to be associated with intelligent design and evolution.

Furthermore, in their defense of the Wedge Document they are happy to support the statements: Atmosphere of the Moon • Carbon dating • Creationism and social history • Dendrochronology • Evidence against a recent creation • Geomagnetism • Mitochondrial Eve • Petrified forest • Plate tectonics • Radiometric dating • Rotation of the Earth • Starlight problem • Y-chromosomal Adam • 101 evidences for a young age of the Earth and the universe • Atmosphere of the Moon • Baraminology • Biblical literalism • Borel's Law • Bumblebee argument • C-decay • Catastrophic plate tectonics • Creationist mathematics • De-evolution • Do you want to be descended from a monkey?

famous for its attempts to get intelligent-design creationism taught in American schools.