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In fact, it will take about 25 people asking to see a new report for me to shake myself from the summer doldrums in order to do it.

I've heard from a few folks with some pretty interesting tales and I'd put forth a little, not much, energy to do something that a few of you enjoy. Otherwise, I'll keep picking tomatoes and placing them at the free tomato stand in my front yard.

Flicker: KOM League Photostream Some readers, like Bill Clark, right here in Columbia, Missouri, can’t get that feature.

So, Bill, this report is for you and I’m including the updates that appear on that site to kick off this report.

After the wedding many of his teammates formed an archway using baseball bats under which the newlyweds exited the church. Just one month later Walter was drafted and just over a year later he died while serving his country as a medical corpsman in Korea.